Let Me Ask You A Question – 4/25/17


Let me ask you a question…

What does “having integrity” mean?  And, is it finite or relative to the individual?  

50 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 4/25/17

  1. I agree it’s being honest and living by your words.. in extension I think it also means having impeccable principles and staying true to it.

    Is it finite or relative? I believe we would all have varying levels of it based on our lifestyle, beliefs and up-bringing.

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  2. Over the years integrity has become a primary guideline when I develop relationships with anyone. While honesty is a part of integrity, in my experience the best gauge is behavior and action. I’ve discovered that people can create the illusion of integrity with words, but the way someone treats people and how they handle situations is more of a telling factor for me.

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  3. I think all of the previous comments are right regarding how we use “having integrity” about behavior in business, politics (perhaps rarely?), and personal/social relationships, but I also think there is a deeper level of something like un-fractured-ness, of a high degree of integration of personality and self concept. I would expect someone with that feature to also display the other meaning.

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      • Well, honesty and word-keeping are features of it, behavioral markers, perhaps, but I suspect that those grow out of a consistency of core principles, and such things as honesty with self, and willingness to recognize and acknowledge mistakes and learn from them. In order to act with integrity toward others, I think we have to guard against and challenge our own (universal) well developed capacity for self-deception. Oh, you asked whether it is relative. I’m not sure what that would mean – have to think about it.

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      • When I ask about morality the common response is that morality is a fluid concept and changes from culture-to-culture. So I’m curious to see if people think integrity is changes from person-to-person or if integrity is a hard, fast thing or if people believe it changes.

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      • I think people can value or prioritize different aspects of integrity differently, or in different contexts, so that would be relative in a way. And, if we value seeing ourselves has having integrity, which I think most do, we are very able to persuade ourselves that we are acting from it (thus avoiding an uncomfortable cognitive dissonance) when others might not agree. As always, the Devil is in the details.

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  4. Not sure but I doubt I see it in politics regardless of the party, nor in the media driven to push a particular narrative. I hope you see it displayed in your own life as you have to power to restore trust in humanity.

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  5. Great question. Some people define it as following the law. If you watch the news, however, there are plenty of people who conform to legal boundaries that do not have integrity. I think integrity means doing the right thing no matter the cost. When I say ‘the right thing’ I mean not doing harm to others, not being deceitful, and not taking advantage of the others for your own gain. I don’t think this varies from person to person. If you’re not sure what integrity is, there is a guy who is the main protagonist in a book called The New Testament. It’s a pretty old book, but he shows a lot of integrity in the face of his own peril. Even if he wasn’t the Messiah, he certainly was a guy with a lot of integrity and a good example to follow.

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  6. I guess it’s in relation to the culture you live in. Having said that… not really. I think integrity means that you stick to the values like respecting others, tolerance and kindness. It’s about work ethic as well but I find that this comes along with proper values and respect.


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