Let Me Ask You A Question – 4/27/17


So, let me ask you a question…

In a general sense, do you tend to be more reactive to life or proactive?  

42 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 4/27/17

  1. Since I’ve begun living more consciously, I evolved from being reactive to proactive. I am now able to alter the way something goes by practicing a process where I evaluate what I can do to effectively and purposefully take steps to change the direction of whatever is in front of me..

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  2. Here’s a case for reactive.
    All our plans, anticipations, goals, and actions grow from previous experience & learning. In essence, we are all implementing acting because of previously acquired knowledge. We cannot truly predict the future & our pro-activity comes from some past learning. We are reacting to possible outcomes, when we anticipate similar challenges arising. Thus, I say we are all reacting to life… in a general sense, that is.

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  3. Well, my nature is to fly by the seat of my pants, go with the flow. With that personality, it lends itself to being reactive I suppose. But, I’m older now, with 3 kids, a home/farm, a couple of side interests, and married to a Virgo, who plan everything! With all of that responsibility, it’s prudent to be more proactive….even though I’m not a fan of being so. Adulting sucks.

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  4. Reactive or proactive? Hmmmm The first thing that comes to mind is the Serenity Prayer – that part about the wisdom to know the difference between what we can control and what we can’t. Sometimes life throws things at us without warning to which we can only react, even if the reaction is to hunker down until the storm passes. I hope I manage a balance, but times have been that I spent way too much time and effort trying to be proactive about things I could not control, and times I let things run their own way that I could/should have been more proactive about. So, which do I do more? I don’t think I’ve been consistent enough in either direction to make a good guess.

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    • Lately, I have been proactive in my work and reactive in my personal life; especially as it relates to my body. I find it difficult to be focused on more than one aspect of my life. I guess work is consuming much of my focus.

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      • That’s an interesting distinction. In retirement, I don’t have a formal “work” context, so in a way its all personal. I think we do tend to be more reactive than proactive about body issues, but its not a pure case. In my current situation, I have no control over the development of cataracts, so my response seems reactive. But, I did pick up the phone and call the eye doctor, make the appointment and go to it and then plan the treatment. That part looks proactive. This puts me in mind of the two as alternating phases of stochastic process such as evolution or learning in which there is adaptation to a random or uncontrolled variable – reaction alternating with en-action.

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  5. My instinct was to say reactive. 😉 Maybe that’s the whole answer?

    I’m much more reactive in general. I think that can be a good thing. I’ve learned a lot in life and I know there is no way to plan for everything. Roll with it…so to speak.
    There are cases where I am proactive of course. More and more as I get older, but for the day to day things…reactive is certainly my way.

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  6. It depends on the scenario. At work, I’m definitely more proactive as you have to be in the consultant role. When it comes to friends and family, I’m definitely more reactive. I don’t try to change the way people are, I just accept their differences and variations and do the best I can.

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