Stop Complaining About Life

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19 thoughts on “Stop Complaining About Life

  1. That was a very powerful speech Danny…

    And I so agree with you on every level..
    Some people expect a different result.
    By just complaining..
    not realizing that to change that result means changing their lifestyle and habits…

    I’m with you about the job complaint too..
    I used to get so ticked off at co- workers saying things like .. I hate coming to work.. I hate this place..

    My question was always..
    so why are you here??
    Do you know you have the choice not to be here.. ”

    Danny.. I wish everyone would And could see life as you do…
    such a waste of energy complaining…
    Great πŸ‘ video.. great point

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  2. I really enjoyed watching this video. Currently, experiencing a stomach bug. But I did realize back when I was working out, I was feeling better and healthier, so now I have the right mindset to start back again. Thank you for this video 😊😊😊it made my morning.

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  3. I totally agree with you, Danny! When I find myself complaining, I tell myself to stop complaining and do something about it. Change it or take the steps needed to change whatever it is I’m not happy with. If we don’t do anything, we’ll stay in that rut, stay in that place we don’t like. Change can be a very good thing!

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