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  1. My neice has never told me this now I understand why she doesn’t want to come over ro eat with us. I wish she had told me. 😕😢 maybe for her the tiughest thing is telling why you’d rather not come to dinner. Your video is okay my friend no shakes clear and informative. Have a good week.

    1. Not all MSers have this issue. Sometimes I don’t go to other people’s place simply because it is difficult to make plans as I don’t know how I’m going to feel.

  2. Boy that food getting stuck sounds scary. I think and overthink life a lot myself, and what we think are problems in one’s own life is nothing compared with others.
    Thank you for sharing. You are so very upbeat and encouraging. And as one previous comment says, “You are a warrior”.

  3. I don’t have MS, but I have a problem swallowing. One time I choked on some food although it really was a small piece of pasta and I couldn’t eat solid food for weeks. Even swallowing liquids scared me. I can definitely understand your feelings about it.

      1. I can imagine, just from my trouble with it. My family was begging me to eat and I was scared to. Once it was “stuck” I hyperventilated. Scary!

  4. That sounds so scary, Danny. Sorry you have to deal with that. My dad just had surgery to stretch his esophagus, because as he’s aged, it’s gotten narrow, sometimes too narrow to let food go down. I’ve been with him many times when he coughs a lot and I’m afraid he’ll choke. But the surgery has helped him so much! I know that’s not your issue, but it reminded me of it. Take care, and thanks for your inspiration!

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