Proud Mom Of A New (PAID)Engineer!

The Courage To Shift!



It’s been over a century since I’ve protected my youngest child from the harsh elements of life, safe and secure in an infant blanket! In fact, I don’t recall a single memory of him being attached to any sort of life-preserver at all. He always faced challenges as they came head on,  and dealt with them accordingly. He was born with the spirit of an old soul and like Einstein, didn’t speak often and/or unless he had something of value to share.  Even though his thoughts were hoarded, when they finally spewed forth,  they resembled molten lava trickling slowly (but with intention) from an erupting volcano! They were equally intense!


When the magnitude of my son’s intelligence showed up on my radar, I vowed to do whatever it took to provide a college education. Thankfully, I was introduced to Dave Ramsey when my son was 16 and received my…

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