Let Me Ask You A Question – 4/29/17


So, let me ask you a question…

When was the last time you did something which made you feel like a kid again?  ? 

38 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 4/29/17

  1. Which part of feeling like a kid again? There’s the part that’s maybe exemplified by the feeling of seeing how high you can go on the swing and screaming, “WEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!”. I’m guessing that’s the part you mean, but there’s also the awkward, baffled by the “grown up” world, or new kid on the block, part. Right now, its more of the first kind, getting to play with this idea and be just a little bit mischievous. Fun.

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      • Yep, and my Inner Child does enjoy messing with preconceived expectations and unexamined presuppositions. It seems that we often find, when we ask a question, that it is not so simple and obvious as we imagined. That can be a rude awakening, or an adventure, or an enlightenment. Keep asking questions. You’re not the only one who learns from them.

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  2. Last night. My boys had a friend over for a sleepover, and they got to showing me silly YouTube videos. All were laughing and giggling, including me, while staying up late and making a pallet on the living room floor. It was as if I were 10 or 11 again. Unfortunately, I didn’t have YouTube, but we still managed to laugh and giggle, even in the Dark Ages of the 70’s. 😃

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  3. My inner child always comes out when I am playing with my grandchildren. With the boys, we play baseball. With the girls playing with dolls and stuffed animals. Baking with all of them, laughing at the mess they make. Watching them fish in the lake, swim in the pool, drawing with chalk on the sidewalk, playing jump rope. Hearing them ask me if I could come live with them or can they live with me. I am the grandmother I never had (both passed before I was born). They all keep me young, not physically able to keep up but I am one of them when they are with me.
    Thank you for asking. I enjoyed this post. ☺☺☺

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  4. I have a very present inner child. Every minute spent with my bestfriend, an inner child situation is imminent. Seperately, we can behave like adults, but together, there is no way. “Yes, we ARE 38…” is something you can hear us say very often.

    But the last-last time I did something totally childish? That would have to be this afternoon, when I went on break outside our office, and I had a chat with a robin… No, not Robin, as Batman’s BFF, no… A robin. But it is not my fault… the bird listened to me!!

    How about you Danny? You ask a lot of questions, I’d like to read you on this one 🙂

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  5. I went on a road trip with my bff. She came, and picked me up one night, after getting off work. We drove to Missouri, laughed the whole way there. We found a hotel to stay in, around 3am. We laughed about the thin, shitty, pillows til we fell asleep. We woke up at 11am made coffee, took showers, and did our makeup. We went and ate a nice lunch, then did a bit of detective work!

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  6. I was just yesterday goofing out with my daughter and she looked at me and told me that I behave like a girl her age. It was a great compliment in that very moment 😉


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