Personal Reflection

Jo Ann Maxwell

relectionsAt the end of each chapter in my book, I list some questions to stimulate inner contemplation and maybe even healing.  I will post them periodically for your  use only.  I am not asking that you share them, unless you desire to post thought provoking revelations you have received.

The first installment includes:

Have you ever felt fearless? Describe what that felt like for you.

Describe your childhood and growing up. What are some key moments that you look back on that you have happy memories for?

Whether your parents are still living or have passed away, how would you describe your relationship with them?

Were you involved in music or sports or other activities outside of school? What were those and how did they enrich your life?

Describe your education and how you felt about it. Did you go to a trade school, community college, or four year college?…

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