I Am Eliminating a Few Things From My Eating Regimen


Beginning today I am turning over a new leaf.  I am eliminating a few things from my eating regimen for the foreseeable future:

  • bread
  • candy
  • sodas
  • pastas
  • refined sugars
  • processed foods

Why?  Because these types of foods are killing me and keeping me from living to full-capacity.  It is time for a change.


17 thoughts on “I Am Eliminating a Few Things From My Eating Regimen

  1. ohh i have taken refined sugar and junk food out of my diet and even being pregnant I feel more energized than before. I found that hibiscus juice which is basically hibiscus tea that I boil and let it cool in the refrigerator has helped detox my body and get rid of sugar cravings

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      • I can’t argue with that. Cutting them under my weight loss doctor’s plan was able to take me from being what my general doctor was calling pre-diabetic to being in the normal range. There is just so much stuff with carbs that when I started this program, I felt like the only thing I could eat was tofu and arugula. 🙂

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      • I try to use common sense. Eliminating the processed stuff cuts down on sodium. Sodas and candy limit sugar. Water helps clean my system. It really isn’t too tough but most people these days do not eat “real” food so it becomes a state of conditioning.

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  2. 100% agree. Most people don’t cut these things out or try to improve their diet because they think they feel fine. You can feel amazing by changing just your diet. I like to think of myself as a car, and I take the high octane fuel 🙂 Great read.

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