Moving Forward: Letting Go of the Past

The Bipolar Storyteller

Look, I’ll be straight with y’all.  I’m As I continue to move forward in life and learn to cope with my illness, there is one thing I find holding me back:  Who I used to be.not proud of the guy I was in high school.  I spent so long hiding behind a mask of confidence and a wall of bravado, I honestly couldn’t tell you who I really was back then.  I was so worried about letting people see that I was just a normal human being – that I wasn’t some indestructible superhero – that it turned me into a monster.  I spent so long hiding me feelings, that I just stopped caring about others. I was mean; if I didn’t think you were worth my time, I just didn’t give you it.  I was heartless; I just simply didn’t care about how my actions affected other people.  If I…

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