Let Me Ask You A Question – 5/2/17


So, let me ask you a question…

What question do you find most difficult to answer?  

48 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 5/2/17

  1. “What is the question that needs to be answered?” I find that I often don’t know what I don’t know.

    I hope I wasn’t too confusing there. Also, I was tempted to make a reference to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy but I chose to spare you. 🙂

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  2. Oh man, where do I begin? Why is there hate. Why does a 13 year old boy contract and die from leukemia? Why do people commit atrocities in the name of God and/or religion? Why did people elect our current buffoon into office? Why would anybody be a Univ. of Kensucky fan? I could go on and on and on. 😃

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  3. Youza! What a question to ask for!!!

    The question I’ve most detested of late has been: “So, what is it you do?”
    I despise the elevator pitch answer to such questions and get a real load of bile buildup in my throat when I feel people want the 1 cent answer within 30 words!

    I’m… is way to simplistic for what most people do, don’t you think?

    I write stories, share knowledge from what I’ve learned, I consult and advise business people, artists, entrepreneurs on ways to improve their businesses. I bust my ass with effort to be the best Dad & husband I can be. I’m an artist, a writer, a thinker, a philosopher, a poet, a scientist, a businessman, and much more.

    I strive to always improve my skills and to develop new skills.

    I strive to conquer my fears and grow from my experiences.

    According to Emily Wapnick & the Puttylike team @ http://puttylike.com/), I’m a a Multipotentialite.
    According to Margaret Lobenstine (@ http://www.renaissancesouls.com/), I’m a renaissance Soul.
    According to Carol Dweck (@ https://mindsetonline.com/), I’m in the process of becoming a Growth Mindset.
    I’ll let you decide if you feel the need to put me in a box.

    So, what is the hardest question to answer, if I choose to cater it to what I know of the audience in front of me at any given time??? It’s “so, what do you do?”


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    • That is a good question. You are young and will realize this as you progress through life: you will be many things throughout life. You will work many jobs, for many companies. You will meet new and different people. Your friend groups will change. You’ll live in many different neighborhoods. What you want to be will change also. And it is normal.

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