Maybe the Quest is Pointless?


I wonder sometimes if all the work to better myself is pointless.  Then I ask myself what I would do if I were not trying to improve and it dawns on me that I don’t know what I would do if I were not trying to be better than I was yesterday.  Maybe the quest is pointless,  but it is better than not trying at all.

37 thoughts on “Maybe the Quest is Pointless?

  1. One word to describe it for me-boring. Imagine having to do the same routine, same way of living daily, when we do nothing to better ourselves…same old-same old! Lol!

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  2. All the work to better ourselves is never pointless! It’s super important… the quest, the journey, is the most important part. Learning, growing, changing… wouldn’t have it any other way😊

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      • No. I’m trying to understand why people don’t seek to improve themselves. In order for me to do that I try to think of what I would do instead of self improvement and I cannot come up with anything more viable. I’m just trying to understand the counterpoint to self improvement.

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      • Oh, got it. That makes much more sense because I always think of you as being really positive and striving to improve. I also don’t understand how anyone wouldn’t want to improve themselves. For me, there’s always something to work on to make myself a better person. I guess the counterpoint would be settling. Being complacent, settling for a less than desirable situation.

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  3. I love this a lot. I guess we all get to the point where we ask ourselves the same question. I find that it often happens after having been disappointed by someone. At least for me. Then you wonder why you actually try so hard but “nobody” notices the change. In the end all you can do is realize that you are not doing it for the outside but simply just for you. Maybe for my children, but here as well, I think the first person you do it for is you. You want to be better for yourself not for others.

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