When I Thought About Her…

Cyranny's cove


When I thought about her,
everything changed,

I took my pen in hand, and sat there
throwing paper after paper
to the wind,
scribbled love letters, discarded

“Write to me, won’t you?” she said

Such a simple request,
I started again, “Dearest
the time spent with you”, No!
another attempt discarded….

A search for the divine, commences…

Page 1
As I sit here, alone in my thoughts,
I wonder of you, wondering of why the distance
seems so far, while our passions seem so strong,
I implore your patience, until we meet once again,
Seeing you approaching me, so far off in my thoughts
the nearness of your breath against my skin,
the sighs of contentment,

This letter, upon reaching you
must not hasten your thoughts,
lest they stumble and fall
in there anticipation and longing
of your hand in mine,
your thoughts melting into
the warmth of the…

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