The More Things Change…

Being Lydia!

Daily Prompt – Panicked


Wow, it has been ages since I have sat down to write a post and a lot has happened.

  1. We have booked the movers, the cleaners, and the telephone/cable/internet company. Our official move date is May 20th.
  2. Several friends and family members have volunteered to help pack/unpack
  3. I have arranged for our change of address with the post office so our mail will be re-routed until we can advise everyone.
  4. We have met with the bank regarding our mortgage and established a branch near our new home.
  5. My on again off again surgery is on again…

Say what?

Yup, you read it correctly. There was an ever so slight chance that the May 5th surgery (yes, tomorrow) that was canceled 10 days ago would be reinstated. I didn’t even let it become a possibility in my mind. I just reworked everything and decided it was for…

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