88 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 5/8/17

  1. When people avoid telling me the truth. If I ask them to be honest and the believe if they are they will hurt me, I get angry. They think they are protecting me when really they are disrespecting me.

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  2. I’m not the person to get mad very easily… but what rubs me raw… is when there is lack of unnecessary communication from someone you trusted to be a friend and be mature enough to be communicative with you..about an issue that needs to be addressed..
    I find it so irritating when they think instead of coming forward and let you know what the position and reasons is behind the situation at hand… they choose to hide and dodge you… until you have to resolved it on a bad note…

    and there ends a friendship that didn’t have to end…
    yeah!!! that gets me mad…

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  3. Mad: kids that don’t listen, going to the doctor’s office 10 mins before appt time and not seeing the doctor until 30 mins after your appointment time and then seeing the dr for 10 mins. and its an hour drive there. Traffic, or more like idiots that don’t know how to drive!!! Sit and stopping at a green light cause people can’t accelerate. I’m sure there’s more, but I’ll keep the list short.

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    • It is tough when this happens. My opinion…I try to surround myself with people who don’t have this behavior. In my many years on Earth I have learned to invest my energy into people who reciprocate.

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      • As much as I want to agree with you, I think at some point people do take you for granted.. it may be momentary or what so ever, when they reach that level of comfort, they think it is okay.. it’s about how we deal with it I guess..

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      • In that light yes, I guess at some point every person is going to get comfortable around you. Then, as you said, it is up to how we deal with that. If we allow ourselves to get mad over that, then we will be mad constantly.

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  4. Mad. Many things. But strange I never thought about this so I cannot remember many things I get mad about but trust me, I get mad over a lot of things! For now I can remember- people making noises when they eat, fake people, oh this one! When people underestimate the value of arts, humanities, when people equate crying with weakness. There are more but I don’t want to think I guess😁

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  5. Lying has been mentioned several times so I’ll make a corollary to that. I hate when people argue against facts with either emotions or something they read in a Meme or other fake source. Defending your position using something fake and ill-conceived makes you appear ignorant.

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    • On this topic, Don, I have learned from Descartes. I try not to ever speak about something to which I don’t have knowledge. Therefore I ask questions to try and learn. Most people I encounter are quickly revealed to not know as much as they let on, especially when I ask them to cite their source. Questions uncover a lot and often I can tell they are a little embarrassed. They simply are not educated and informed.

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