Let Me Ask You A Question – 5/9/17


So, let me ask you a question…

If you were asked to speak to a graduating class what would you say?  

56 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 5/9/17

  1. Go into this next journey with a few things packed: diligence, confidence, a sense of humor, and the fortitude to get back up when knocked down. And no matter what, treat people the way you’d like to be treated….even when encountering an asshat. And you will encounter a multitude of asshats.

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  2. I used to be a program coordinator for a non-profit that ran after school programs. I was asked to give the speech to the 5th graders graduating elementary school. It will always be one of the highlights of my career. My speech was “The Top 10 Things I Wish Someone Told me when I was going into Jr High School”. It was so fun, and I was honored to be asked.

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  3. Happily, that is very unlikely, but if some institution (presumably one of my several Alma Maters) were so foolish, its hard to imagine what to say without falling into the usual sorts of over-used cliches. How about:

    Kids, come get your diplomas and go party, because tomorrow you have to get a job and your student loan lenders will start wanting their money back.

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  4. High School Graduated doing as much as you want in college for everything you did at 15 illegally. Keep your head up, grades up, and lay down sleeping……I really wouldn’t know to say I was top of my class, valadictorian, and prom queen.

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  5. Everything you do has an effect. You might not immediately connect the action with the outcome…it may be years, decades or even generations before you see the results of your actions. Be intentional and careful.

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  6. The sky is the limit! Always follow your dreams! Chase dreams, not money. Enjoy the small things in life the most. People come and go in life like seasons. Make sure you spend time with the people you love most because life is short.

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  7. It’s a great time to make the future you dreamed about come true. Keep moving towards it. People will try to stop you, but don’t stop. Many will underestimate your abilities, but it’s important that YOU know your worth. Never think you cannot achieve something. Never think you’re dreaming too big. But be ready for the struggle you have to do for it. Be kind, grateful and keep laughing. Don’t forget to live life while pursuing your dreams. Do things. Gain experiences. Grow.

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  8. 1. Be grounded. Everything that we experience in life, whether good or bad- it will pass. It’s not permanent. Enjoy and be grateful for the good times and be hopeful for the trying times.
    2. Invest in love and people more than material wealth. Love gives you happiness and fulfillment more than the instant gratification that wealth provides.
    3. Stand up for what is right, even if you’re the only one standing. (Remember, God knows!)
    4. Learn to listen and accept or ignore. If you can learn from a criticism, consider it an opportunity for improvement. If a criticism is merely to hurt you and does not make you a better person, ignore it!
    5. All problems have solutions. Otherwise, they’re not problems. So, don’t be too hard on yourself! Enjoy life! 😊

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  9. Contrary to everything you’ve learned… you are the Centre of the universe; life is all about you… experiencing your heart and soul desires, honoring all life and co-creating the harmonious life you’ve always dreamed of. Enjoy the celebration.

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  10. Be passionate about whatever paths you choose. Life is too short to spend in a career that you hate. And ALWAYS remember your humanity and himility, act with integrity, treat people right, … you have to live with your own conscience 24/7.

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    • I love your advice about careers. Worst case I sometimes tell people to find something they can tolerate which funds their life to be able to do things of which you are passionate. There is nothing worse than working a job you hate.

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      • Yes, unfortunately these days many have to settle for a job that is merely tolerable. For the last ten years of my career, I was fortunate enough to have a job that I absolutely loved … looked forward to going to work every morning … and it convinced me that we would all be so much more productive and happier in those circumstances.

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      • Agreed, and those are the people who are not very happy with their lives and are generally looking for somebody (ie, government, society, etc) to blame for their angst. Just my observation … 🙂

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