The Tape Horse

Who's My Favorite Today?

Brooke can really make anything. I truly believe that.  Anything.  I think if I asked her to make a rocket ship she would get dutifully to work and emerge with a lovely rocket in a few hours. She does things that I don’t expect or would even think of myself. She just thinks differently. Outside the box. Extremely creative. 

The photo shown here was from about 5 years ago she. She was 10 years old. She has always loved horses and would draw and paint them endlessly. Friends at school would constantly ask her to draw horses for them.  Here, she had gotten some craft tape and had created a horse on her closet door. I could not even come up with this idea!  I loved it and we kept it up until we moved from this house. Even then I was sad to take it down. She had worked…

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