First Impressions Are Hard To Overcome

Yesterday someone said to me “You seem to have it together”; I took it as a compliment and moved on.  Later I began thinking about what he said and how he came to that conclusion after being with me in a one hour meeting.  Maybe it was my appearance? After all I was wearing my favorite dress shirt.  All joking aside, how is it that we come to conclusions about people after only having met them for several minutes?


“First impressions are hard to overcome.”  Science has proven that human beings quickly evaluate a person and make definitive conclusions about the person based on our initial impression.  And that impression stays with us for quite some time until a new pattern emerges and takes its place.

I find this fascinating.

It makes me wonder who out in this world has a false impression of me based on a chance encounter years ago.

16 thoughts on “First Impressions Are Hard To Overcome

  1. Ah! Many people have a wrong impression of me. When i came to know this, I spent a long time trying to prove them I was not the way they thought I was and in the end I came to the conclusion that it was useless. First impressions are hard to overcome. I accepted it and now I am happy. It is more important to know yourself the way you are.

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      • Yeah that too. But what I meant was how introvert people don’t want to accept themselves because being an extrovert is encouraged in the peer group. Or for example, how being different is discouraged to the extent that the person feels he should change himself. Get the idea?

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      • Absolutely. That problem extends from conformity which is taught at a young age. And conforming is good in ways. The herd teaches us how to stay alive and why being polite is important. Social norms and what is acceptable behavior, etc. But we take conformity to an extreme internally and think we have to be like everyone else.

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