take a walk


I lie still, willingly mocking the statues of the city

They are unburdened by the desire to breathe

To chill under the cold winter,

Or sweat in a moment of fear

No, they are hushed in a constant wave of surround

While I, though determined at best, shake to the

Flow of blood in my veins

And suddenly I am overwhelmed,

My hands fall to my side and feet bustle with circulation

And I move,

Slow at first than all at once

Like a tide swarming the land in an angry haste

Ready to take on what impedes its’ quest

I have found momentum,

Pitying the poor souls absorbed in the laconic vas

I begin to weep for their saving

For a wave of rain to release their permanency

And to join me in my moment of rejoice

Romans 8:26-27 likewise the spirit helps us in our weakness. for…

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