Let Me Ask You A Question – 5/11/17


Actions say everything about who you are and what is important to you.  So, let me ask you a question…

If you could not use words to explain yourself, what would your actions say is important to you?  

38 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 5/11/17

  1. If I were to never speak a word again, my actions would leave little doubt to anyone that I cherish my wife and boys and that they are my primary focus and priority. Also, my actions would tell people I’m not an asshole! 😃😃

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  2. Well, here’s a puzzle; Currently, most of my non-verbal actions are on the day-to-day practical level, tending to the basics and working on getting this house ready for market. A huge portion of my social interaction simply would not exist without words (present activity is a case in point). Other times in my life have been different and my wordless actions would have said many different things.

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      • An overall theme? On one hand, it might be that if you are going to base your growth and education on learning from your mistakes, then you have to make a lot of them. Another might be seeking a balance between necessity and opportunity. Considering what a zig-zag path it has been, there does seem to be a feature that might be avoiding that famous hobgoblin of “a foolish consistency.”

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      • I don’t know what others get. That’s what I get (in part) looking back.

        When you ask what others might get, i think of a former coworker, Syd, who was then nearing 40 years clean and sober in AA. His favorite saying was, “Other people’s opinions about me are none of my business.”

        What would I most like other to get? “Kindness” would be quite good enough, even if there are some in my history who would likely disagree, but so it goes.

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      • What I’m saying is the original question was “what would your actions reveal is important to you?” Meaning, if you could use your words what would your actions say to the world? What would your actions reveal about you?

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      • Danny, you’re relentless! What would my actions reveal? Which ones? Which situations? In response to what? hopefull, I suppose, that I try to learn and do no harm when I can find a way. There is a part of a poem that has spoken to me loudly when I think on this for nearly 40 years:

        From “Ulysses” by Alfred Lord Tennyson –

        “I am a part of all that I have met;
        Yet all experience is an arch wherethro’
        Gleams that untravell’d world whose margin fades
        For ever and forever when I move.
        How dull it is to pause, to make an end,
        To rust unburnish’d, not to shine in use!
        As tho’ to breathe were life! Life piled on life
        Were all too little, and of one to me
        Little remains: but every hour is saved
        From that eternal silence, something more,
        A bringer of new things; and vile it were
        For some three suns to store and hoard myself,
        And this gray spirit yearning in desire
        To follow knowledge like a sinking star,
        Beyond the utmost bound of human thought. “

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      • I am relentless! lol I like the poem too. I like to challenge people to think deeply about the questions. Not for any other reason than to find honesty which helps people find freedom; and it edifies me as well as I am able to learn from other perspective. And when the individual has provided me with a wealthy response, I then digress. Which brings me to my point…I digress. lol

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  3. I have had a couple of brief periods where I couldn’t talk because of throat damage and then surgery to repair it. I am known as a real talker so everyone expected it to be a really hard time for me. But it wasn’t. It was actually very peaceful and I would like to think that my body language portrayed that. I am a firm believer that actions and body language say so much more than words.

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  4. My wordless actions say that I see you, really see you, I love my family and cherish the life and gifts I’ve been given. They say I love mysellf and i am at one with God and am undisturbed by the madness of the world as I bring a presence of peace wherever I am.

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  5. I always look at everyone’s face/eyes who I encounter, it isn’t forced it is how I feel,whenever I go anywhere, people that pass me by, always say something, I know from that, that being recognized is one of the things that most people appreciate. I smile a lot for no reason, I am content to be alive, so my body language reflects that, I have mantras that I say to myself all of the time that help me to radiate peace, it isn’t anything physical that I do, it is just how I show up.

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  6. Showing love by hugging people, I’m a hugger not a hater. I’d smile, wave, if I can’t speak I’d use my hands to communicate through sign language or writing letters to friends about the love of Christ and how he saved me from my sins and He can do the same for you!

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