Beware of the Maize Maze!

Being Lydia!


Daily Prompt – Maze

When we were both more active, Hubby and I helped out with our church’s youth group. One October I set up a trip to a corn maze.

We were just acting as drivers; however, they didn’t have enough leaders as we had to go through the maze in small groups. So, Hubby and I were each signed a group.

Have I mentioned before how claustrophobic I am?

On top of the fact that this was first and foremost a maze, added to the mix were that it was dark, the ground was muddy from a recent rain, and they were trying to hustle us through as fast as possible as it was the last night and they wanted to shut down.

I had a group of young teen girls. I had watched them all grow up and realized they kind of looked up to me. This…

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