Challenges and Solutions


I love to make plans. Plans keep me sane. I also fully appreciate that even the best made plans, as Robert Burns once said, go oft awry.  But as I head toward a competition I rely on making plans.  I worked with sport psychologist Dirk Stroda during the winter competition season in Florida and he gave me a very workable outline for the weeks approaching competitions, starting 4 weeks before the competition. So with a competition May 26-28 how am I doing?

Week 4: Checking and asking questions. Is all my equipment in good shape ? Do I need to get anything repaired? How are my show clothes, tailcoat, breeches, shirts, stock ties, show boots?   Is there anything I forgot at the last show for myself or for Biasini that I need to remember this time?

So, did I do all that last week? No, I did not. I was…

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