The College Decision…..

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Image result for college decisionAvery applied to 7 colleges total.  Only one did rolling admissions and she found out in fall that she was accepted there.  All the other colleges she applied for regular admissions, not early admissions.  Therefore, she didn’t find out about acceptance/rejection until the end of March or beginning of April – depending on the school.  This proved to be a bit nerve-wracking because most of her friends applied during early admissions and had already decided where they would be attending before she even knew where she was accepted.

Avery has been in an International Baccalaureate Program at her high school and it has been very intense and challenging, but such a great experience for her.  She has learned so much and grown, not only as a student, but into a much more mature, reflective and thoughtful person.  Most of her classes are taught to incorporate the whole child and reflect…

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