Let Me Ask You A Question – 5/15/17


I spend a lot of time throughout the week in a car driving.  I see a lot of people doing things while they drive which I see as dangerous like: texting, reading and eating food.  Let me ask you a question…

Do you text while driving your car?  What about eating food or reading books?   

36 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 5/15/17

  1. Well, I don’t drive here in my country due to the high cost of obtaining a car. But when I do overseas, I don’t text, call when I am driving as it is dangerous. However, listening to music is a must.

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  2. I don’t text while driving because I value my life. Definitely don’t text while reading because I love books. Sometimes I text while eating if it’s urgent.

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  3. I do text and drive even with kids in the car but you are right. Nothing is that important.
    I remember reading a paperback of Twilight and driving too. The Lord has been good to me. So I’ll stop tempting fate

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  4. I never text, or read, while driving. It’s wildly unsafe. Eating though? Yeah, I’ve been known to do that. You know, the use of the left knee to keep the wheels straight. Not safe either, but….. 😃

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  5. This is almost like a confessional although I am struggling to come up with a generalized response. I can certainly say that I am not as bad as my former boss who on one trip I went with him to a client was talking on the phone, working on a laptop, smoking, all while traveling 90 mph on a busy Interstate. 🙂 However, I cannot say that I am without sin. My most common would probably be changing music, talking on the phone, and eating.

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  6. My curmudgenness strikes again. I only text sitting at my desk with the computer. Driving? Hell No! And I don’t make or take phone calls while driving either. I will take a sip of coffee on a straight bit of road, but eating while driving is out. Many years ago, driving the freeway in San Jose, CA, I saw a guy driving his Mercedes while reading a newspaper spread against the steering wheel, drinking coffee (not from a travel mug), and talking on a cell phone (so long ago that cell phones still were the size and shape of bricks. I was relived when he took an exit.

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  7. NO! I can operate the radio while driving, but that is all the multi-tasking I can do while driving. If my phone rings and I can pull over and stop, I will do so and handle it, otherwise they can leave a voice mail and I’ll get back to them. If I need to make a call, I pull over and stop.

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  8. None of the above. I live in Florida (God’s waiting room) where defensive driving is essential. You never know when a giant pickup truck, that apparently does not have working blinkers, is going to cut in front of you on the highway or when some white tuft of hair in a giant Buick is going to drive 30 MPH in the left lane of the interstate with the left blinker on eternally.


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