My crazy brains…

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Good evening Lovelies…

I had another brain bubble this afternoon, and I thought I’d come and share it since there is no such thing as too much information (well actually yes, there is… read here).

I know some of you crave unimportant informations, just like I do. And this subject, even if it looks as mundane as can be, has pushed at least one person to do much research (or come up with many invented theories) explaining something most of us probably don’t even notice anymore. And by “us” I mean most people living in Europe and North America, and probably a lot more living elsewhere, but I am not too sure about other continents’ people’s habits regarding this.

Why (the dang) is there always salt and pepper on the table?

Why salt and pepper? No, not the band. They were Salt N Pepa. But close…

Why not…  Salt…

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