Let Me Ask You A Question – 5/17/17


The last 3 days I have taken time to lie in the grass and watch the clouds.  It is so relaxing and reminds me of the importance of appreciating the simple things in life.  Let me ask you a question…

What are some of the simple pleasures in your life?    

65 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 5/17/17

  1. Being able to swim three days a week. FaceTime with my granddaughters. The love and support of my son. Air-conditioning, except ours is not working today. Cruise control. A good support system with others with MS. Amazing friends in five different states. I could go on!!

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  2. Lazy Sunday mornings, hanging out in the fields with my critters, going on a photo hunt, sitting on the tailgate of my truck with my wife and watching a sky filled with stars or a field full of lightning bugs, fishing with my boys, and watching their smiles and hearing their giggles. There’s much, much more.

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  3. Spending time with my family, trying new recipes that I’ve made, and writing new blog posts. 😊 There are so many little things that I enjoy doing in life, so those are just a few!

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  4. just thinking of them is making me feel good. rain. sense of humour: laughing till there are tears in my eyes. watching the perfect snowfall from the comfort of my couch and blanket. when the writing ideas just keep coming.

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