A Few Random Thoughts


It is just after 4:00 am and I am up early to get some things done for a few clients.  I do a lot of the creative ads for any campaigns I run digitally and my mind sometimes wakes me up with ideas.  So here I am; wide awake and typing when I might be better off sleeping.  Nonetheless here are a few of the things going on in my mind…

  1. I am currently working my way through all the season of The Big Bang Theory.  Currently I am in season 5 and so far it is hilarious.  I highly recommend it to anyone.
  2. Vacation for Evelina and I begins in 6 days!  I need this trip to recharge a little and Naples, Florida is just what the doctor ordered!
  3. I had a huge client sign with my company yesterday.  My coworker and I have worked on this for nearly a month and we got the word yesterday that they signed with us for all of their digital advertising.  When I close deals like this it is so completely satisfying.
  4. I haven’t been as active lately in my reading of other blogs, but that is going to change.  I need to refocus my energies and come up with a better plan.  Last time I looked there are approximately 6,700 blogger who follow my page, which makes it nearly impossible to get to every single follower.  I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do if I’m being honest.
  5. I went to the hospital yesterday evening and had an MRI on my shoulder.  In October 2015 I had a little stumble on the staircase and the pain in my shoulder has gotten progressively worse ever since.  The specialist thinks I either have a torn bicep muscle or a torn rotator cuff.  Either way surgery appears imminent which doesn’t please me, but I’ll be happy to have a functioning shoulder again.
  6. In preparation for Naples I have been lying out in the sun for 20 minutes each day.  It seems that I have developed an allergy to the sun!  Each day my back, chest and legs develop hives from the exposure so I think it best I get a UV shirt for my trip.

That’s all for now.  Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!!


35 thoughts on “A Few Random Thoughts

  1. Congratulations! Way to go!! 👏👏👏. I’ve had a torn bicep tendon which I did physical therapy for. And I’ve had a torn rotator cuff which I had surgery for. Both were successful. But if it’s a rotator cuff, be aware that it takes quite a bit of recovery time. I thought it was a good after six months and I was showing several kids how to do a push-up, and I hurt it again. So it takes a long time. Make sure you listen to your doctor! I have had 11 basal cell cancer surgeries because of sun damage. I use products from a company called sun precautions, their clothes are expensive, but I’ve been very happy with them!

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    • Thank you for the sun advice. It is odd that I am having reactions as I haven’t had issues in the past. Maybe my chemistry changed? As for the shoulder, I had surgery on my right shoulder in 2009 and remember the dreaded recovery. Physical therapy was awful.

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  2. well pete you will be in my territory for vacation… florida is so much fun… but please don’t get too burnt.. congrats on your closing that deal… good job!!!!
    as for that shoulder i really hope surgery won’t be an option.
    it would definately be a pleasure to have you visit my blogs.. although I have the feeeling that my subjects won’t be of much interest to you..

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  3. Congratulations on the contract! Yes Big Bang is funny to me at least but there are forums and blogs created to rip it a new one. I hope that the time away does you well! And I hope everything goes well with your shoulder. I hope that it is the bicep instead of the rotator cuff which I believe is more of a serious injury and recoup time. Have a good weekend!

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  4. Proper sunscreen, my friend. Ask Evelina. Loved your random thoughts! Love the Big Bang Theory. I know you asked the question recently re what we love about traveling. I think the anticipation is one of my favorite things but also being there and enjoying it.

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