Let Me Ask You A Question – 5/19/17


Yesterday I had an MRI on my shoulder.  I had a brief moment when I realized what it might be like to be buried alive which is a fear of mine.  Let me ask you a question…

Have you ever thought about the idea of being buried alive?   

61 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 5/19/17

  1. I take it they had you in the grave-like tunnel of the MRI machine, basically playing dead so as not to move. I’ve hear that Valium helps. I don’t recall giving much thought to being buried live, but I have shuddered at the thought of being walled up, having read “The Cask of Amontillado” by Poe at an early age.

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      • I haven’t seen that movie, and not much inclined to. I do thing I read a review of it in NYT and it sounded very strange. The subject reminds me of reading that this fear led to people having their graves equipped with bells that they could ring from within if they were buried alive. From what I read (It was a long time ago.) it wasn’t clear that any of them were ever used.

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  2. Yes. One time this guy did it for charity over here in El Paso. We went to go see him. They had some telescope/microscope to see him underground. It was weird! I think I would do it too if it was for a good cause.

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  3. Only when I am getting a dang MRI! The thought never crosses my mind until I am in there and that is just not a good time to go “there” now is it 🙂 hey let me panic now and I still have 15 min to go in this thing!!!
    Hope you get good results from the MRI

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  4. Yes. When I was about four my mom had a pile of heavy blankets and sheets that she was stripping off of the bed. I decided to bury myself and the cat into this pile. My mom didn’t realize that I was in the pile of blankets and she threw a mattress over the pile. The mattress was so heavy that I couldn’t lift it off of me. I believe that the only reason I didn’t suffocate that day was because the cat began attacking me and hissing. She of course heard the commotion and pulled the mattress off of us. I lived to tell the tale, I’m claustrophobic and I have a lovely scar as a reminder to always do what my mother told me to.

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    • When I have my check-ups for MS I have the full spine MRI and they take forever. I usually fall asleep and then twitch, which causes them to start that test over. An hour later…it’s awful.

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      • I once had two herniated discs and that was the first time I ever had an MRI. I was in it for 45 minutes but because my back had been hurting so much that I couldn’t sleep, I dozed off in it.

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  5. I have. Being buried period isn’t something I’m all for. I wish to be cremated with ashes sprinkled in various oceans. I’ve had nightmares about being buried alive.

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  6. I have not thought about being buried alive, but I have thought about where your consciousness goes when you die. I remember reading a Stephen King story about a man who was in the morgue. He had been bitten by a snake and the venom caused him to be paralyzed with a lowered heart rate so that he was declared dead. The problem was, he was aware of everything and was on the verge of being cut open for an autopsy when the venom wore off and he was able to indicate that he was alive.

    I wonder how conscious we are when we die and if the whole embalming or cremation thing turns out to be a torture that we’re aware of.

    And this is why I write. I need to get these warped thoughts out of my head.

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