Write Your Own Song, Sing Your Own Tune

Write Your Own Song, Sing Your Own Tune

Music is funny to me.  You would think after all the songs produced that humans would have run out of tunes and lyrics.  Or that we would be reproducing the same music scores.  But musicians continue to pump out new ideas; original ideas.  It reminds me of life.

Danny's iphone 022Just as music seems to have infinite possibilities, so does your life.  Don’t let people tell you how you need to live life to reach your goals and dreams.  It is up to you to write the score for your life; to find the rhythm which works for you.  And only you can determine the notes.

Too many of us are trying to sing our own song, but doing it to the beat of someone else’s tune.  I don’t see this ever working.  You have to come up with the tunes and the words.  Write your own song.


54 thoughts on “Write Your Own Song, Sing Your Own Tune

  1. Danny as long as I’ve known you, you have always had big dreams and I’m glad you continued to chase them. I know you have faced some dark times but seems to me you have remained focused and your inspiration is a great thing. I often look forward to seeing your post, and words of encouragement. Keep Dreaming Danny Boy…

      1. You’re welcome! I loved the blog. I resonated it with the analogy. I love music and often use music as inspiration for many areas of my growth life

      2. I don’t think I’ve connected my blog to my twitter account. I had at one point but stopped. I don’t get a lot of traffic from twitter although I do post my blogs there

      3. It is a good thing because Google gives your page more credibility when connected to social media. Just a thought. Plus people can connect with you easier. 🙂

      4. That is interesting because I remember reading somewhere that it was not a good idea have them linked mostly due to incompatibility in platforms. For example, what you would tweet does not make for a good Facebook post. I’m going to see if I can find that article again.

      5. I found the article again. It did not address any SEO considerations only things to consider when cross posting the same content between different platforms. It recommended that you customize the content for the platform. For example, you would include hashtags in a tweet but in a Facebook posting you would not. From a SEO perspective, you do want to have the content out there on multiple platforms but it does not need to be identical. Linking the accounts is convenient but the content on all of the platforms is not customized. To get hashtags for Twitter, they end up going to Facebook. Here’s a link to it maybe I am not considering this correctly which is very possible as web development is way outside my area of expertise.


      6. They are referencing an d Google issue of duplicate content. The algorithm accounts for that now so it is a moot point. Google gives big SEO points for social media linking, especially YouTube and Google +.

      7. So it would be obsolete advice now? With the way things are constantly changing, it is a miracle that anybody knows how things work. I guess that’s why there are SEO experts. 🙂

      8. SEO is so easy to misunderstand. In my job I partner with Google and speak with the team on a weekly basis. They keep us updated on what Google wants and likes. So I take my info from the horse’s mouth. I’m not sure that the article was completely accurate to begin with. The facts are that the more social media links you have for your blog, the more relevant Google search engine gives to your page.

      9. Thank you. I will connect to twitter. I probably should connect to my Facebook page. I have 1200 followers. However I was thinking about creating a separate page to link my blog to it

  2. I totally get and rate this such good words it’s funny because sometimes I try to write to something but I just can’t get it exactly how I want it to sound maybe because the song wasn’t made as I intended obviously big rappers etc have songs made to suit their style etc this is a good statement much appreciated.

  3. Yes! The analogy with music fits well with what you and i recently touched on in response to a recent post of yours — that our life is a combination of what happens to us and what we do about it. (My last couple of posts mesh well with this idea too.)
    Can’t control all life’s plot twists, but can compose our own soundtrack about them.
    Love watching you keep at it, Danny. 🙂

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