Happy 18th

Who's My Favorite Today?

It has been an EXTREMELY busy time for our family!!  College applications/acceptances/denials, dance recitals, graduation preparation, Spring Break, a break-up with a boyfriend, back together, break-up again, prom, and…….. a birthday!  An 18th birthday to be specific.  I cannot believe that this much time has passed and Avery is 18 this week.  I think I heard somewhere that our perception of time speeds up as we age.  I think its true!  This child should only be about 7 according to my perception of time! : )

We had no clue what we were doing when we became parents.  No.  Clue.  However, we were old enough to know what a scary thing it is to be totally responsible for another human’s life – Yikes!  Avery is the kid that had to break us in.  I have helicoptered, taken her to the doctor when she even looked like she was going to…

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