24 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 5/20/17

      1. Not sure. I know we don’t live like most. I never really aspired to do so. I just wanted to go where the wind blew me, and so far, it’s worked out ok. I’m happy. We’re happy. No trying to keep up with, or one-up, the masses. Just doing what masked us happy.

  1. Taken literally, not much. I am generally in the “can’t carry a tue in a bucket” category, so mostly I listen, and haven’t written any songs. Taken figuratively, I try not to, or at least to catch myself if I sing someone else’s song. I learned the hard way that that definitely is not a successful way to run a relationship. Finding our own song is a lifetime project.

    1. Figuratively speaking in this case. It’s not easy to find one’s own path. I think I am but sometimes ponder how much of me is actually me and how much is conditioned.

      1. I think so. One way to describe that sort of questioning is, looking for the unexamined presuppositions and questioning them. This can be uncomfortable and can get one in trouble in political and theological discussions in particular.

  2. Honestly, I sing on my own tune even it is not in the right tune because I know in myself that even if you don’t have a beautiful voice, you must let the other hear your voice not only in singing, but your thoughts on other things.

  3. Again, as I get older, I’ve stopped hearing other people’s songs because I’ve heard the same songs so many times before. I may not always be in tune, but my song is original and hopefully will not be ending for a while.

    1. Do you think it is possible to sing your own song when you are young? I mean truly do it? Or does the lack of experience and power of conformity have a greater presence in our lives in youth?

      1. I think many young people think they are singing their own song, but are really part of the choir. It’s part of paying your dues to earn the right to sing your own song.

  4. Back in the days of “she who shall not be named,” I pretty much was doing that. I don’t know how it happened but it did. Needless to say, my song is pretty much mine. I will point out that sometimes it does not hurt to harmonize with others. Even though it would mean to alter your song, to do it right, the other person(s) have to alter theirs as well. A duet or choir can be a powerful force.

    1. Your comment is why I love blogging. You have put to words a great point about relationships and altering yourself to mesh with others. Awesome comment.

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