Danny’s World: Routine vs. Rut


Danny's iphone 022Every morning I wake up I go through the exact same routine.  When I begin my work day I have the same pattern.  And it is my adherence to a routine that I am certain has allowed me to have success in life thus far.  I learned the importance of routine from playing golf.

In my belief system random produces random and my routine produces consistency; therefore I choose routine over random.  The down side to routine is it might work well for my professional life, but not so well for my personal life.  Away from work, living life using the same routine can easily turn in to living in a rut.

I guess you could say that one of my strengths is also my ultimate weakness.

I don’t do well when plans change at the last minute or things don’t go according to plan. I have said in the past that my sister believes I have obsessive personality disorder and as I read more about it I tend to agree.  I struggle with people who break laws, especially as it relates to traffic.  It would not benefit society for me to be a police officer as I am certain I would set a national record for traffic tickets issued in a year.

At any rate, routine does not always benefit my personal life.  I have to work at being spontaneous which takes away from being spontaneous.  And Evelina doesn’t like living it ruts!

23 thoughts on “Danny’s World: Routine vs. Rut

  1. I don’t think it has anything to do with a negative personality trait. Some people are analytical and some people are not. You can set your watch by my routine. I also think that being an athlete lends itself to a routine. As we train and work out, we understand the reason for doing things in order and in the right way. Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect!

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  2. So true and rather amusing when you think of it…

    I tend to have a routine and a pattern of how and when I do things…and when I’m forced to shift from it .. I find it quite annoying and it puts me out of whack..
    and I get so turned around.. almost confused and sometimes flustered…

    We get so fixed in our routine that it’s so hard to function without following it ..

    I use to be adaptable.. but recently I find I love things to remain as is..
    I guess I have become lazy … hahahaha

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