finding joy

take a walk

One of my employees asked me this week, how I fortify the level of joy that I proclaim every day. My first instinct was to laugh- a short, thankful, and reaffirming one. She looked at me with such interest, a thriving life just wishing to understand something; something that burdens my heart in the fact that not everyone knows the answer.

I have a chain. It is pulled, strained, and threatened several times daily, that I choose not to count anymore- but it happens. I feel it as though it is a part of my inner body, I breathe and its tight, I move and its stiff, I talk and it is angered. Most people would say that it is normal, it’s human.

But I say, it’s called being born a sinner.

It is inevitable that mornings of strife and nights with grief will come and go; it is…

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