Let Me Ask You A Question – 5/21/17


Read my post from this morning and then let me ask you a question…

Do you live by routine?  And, if so, how well do you adapt to change?   

32 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 5/21/17

  1. Thinking about this has just made me realise how much my routine has changed since recovering from depression. In depression I was stuck in a rut, as you’d expect. Routine helpedme get to uni every day but I achieved nothing. I would have been better off taking time away and changing my routine I think.
    Now my routine is only for waking up and to and from uni at about the same time every day. Everything else is spontaneous. I might do yoga in the morning or lay in bed longer or read or write. When I’m on the bus I might practise learning german or browse facebook or write on my blog or even meditate. Even my hair routine has gone out the window – instead of wearing the same hairstyle every day I’ve been changing it up. In the laboratory I decide more or less on the day if I’m going to do experiments or background research or write some of my thesis. And in the evening I’ve been deciding on the fly whether to watch netflix or do something more creative.
    Losing the routine has greatly increased my happiness and, surprising, my ability to get things done. Granted, I’m working on several different projects at once but I’m actually getting them all done a bit faster because I’m in the right mood for them every time, rather than just working to get it crossed off a list.

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  2. Depends on the phase I’m in. If it’s school days, then there’s a routine which I’m able to follow efficiently. If vacation, like right now, I allow myself spontaneity. I plan to make a painting but begin writing instead because that’s how ideas work! 😂😂.

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  3. I have some routine in the areas of time management so I can fit essential activities into a packed schedule. I also, however, embrace change. I’m a consultant. The nature of that job is to foster change and also to change clients after changes have been implemented. I enjoy this. It’s like starting a new job every 6-8 months. That keeps me interested.

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