Danny’s World: A Common Question

Danny’s World: A Common Question

“How do I grow my blog fast?”  This is the most common question I receive via email.  As a matter of fact it has become a back-n-forth email game Jason (Harsh Reality) and I play. The reason being is that the requests for help get incredibly forward and sometimes downright aggressive in nature.

Danny's iphone 022Currently a quarter of my followers (around 10,000) are bloggers themselves so it makes sense that bloggers want help growing their network.  I sought help when I first began and OM was gracious enough to help me understand the nuances of blogging.  He is the person who taught me the meaning of “blogging is a verb”. And to this day most of what I know I attribute to his tutelage.

The answer to the question is not a secret.  Growing takes a lot of work.  Growing requires time.  Growing demands dedication.  When you put in the hours, grind it out day-after-day and give it time, growth will occur. But it’s more like watching a tree grow than a house being built.  It takes years not months.

When I first started blogging I worked my blog around 60-70 hours per week.  I started early in the morning and I continued until late in the evening.  I adjusted my daily schedule so I was always attending to the blog.  I have always tried to give my page a “live” feel by responding quickly to comments, keeping new content posted and sharing other bloggers’ pages to provide a variety of information.

I hope this helps those of you interested in growing.  You must be active and patient; in time growth happens.  Tomorrow I will have a brand new post with blogging tips so be sure to check back in the morning!



15 thoughts on “Danny’s World: A Common Question

  1. Both you and Jason are doing good. You are right, growing a blog takes very much time, so one should be careful to wish for a growing blog. It will requires more and more time as the blog grows.

    1. You are right. Growing also changes how you blog. You can’t read as much when you have a lot of followers. You get more emails which takes time. More comments are great but also require time. It is a lot of fun but the dynamics change.

      1. I agree. It’s fun to get many comments. Everyone is so friendly. But I miss having the time to read other blogs that I used to do before growing. I try to read as often as I can, it’s fun reading blogs. I learn a lot from that.

      2. Agree. That would make an interesting and unusual post. How to decrease your blog for getting more time to read other blogs! You can find millions and billions of posts about how to grow your blog, but I have not read a single one about how to stay small 😉

  2. This is great information. I’m not new to writing, but I’m new to blogging. It can be challenging (and a bit frustrating) getting people to follow and share your content. But I love reading other’s blogs and sharing them. So I figure, as it progresses, others will reciprocate and my following will grow organically. It takes true dedication and even more patience. Thanks again 🙂

      1. Thank you😊 Blogs need to cultivated like anything that grows. You inspired me today. I really needed it thank you again. I’ll be following you going forward

    1. Most certainly. I’ve had tons of people email asking for all kinds of advice. They have these aspirations which I like to read about, but most think success comes quickly and most don’t survive.

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