Danny’s World: A Few Blogging Tips

Danny’s World: A Few Blogging Tips

Danny's iphone 022It has been quite some time since I posted anything about blogging tips so I thought I would take a few moments and answer some common blogging questions I get via email. Here goes:

Tags – More Isn’t Better!

Some of you don’t know that WordPress limits tags to 15 including a category designation.  If you use 16+ tags it’s like using zero.  Don’t use more than 15.

I think I write good content, but why do people not seem to want to engage with my page?

There is no hard, fast rule here.  I have 2 basic principles based on other pages I have followed to help you with this: 1. post content which appeals to the masses, or 2. write specific content which appeals to a specific group of people of which there are considerable numbers.  I’m not sure where I fall in this paradigm, but I believe I would be more along the lines of option 1.  With that said I follow a page called Lucky Otter’s Haven which appeals to people dealing with narcissistic relationships.  The content is incredibly informative and Otter gets a ton of views each month.   Regardless, your content still must be helpful, informative and high-quality.  

How do I grow quickly?

For those of you who do not want to wait you must be willing to reach in to the change purse.  The route to fast growth is to operate a self-hosted blog, use Google Adwords, practice incredible SEO tactics and advertise on higher volume blogs.  Then, connect your page to every possible social media site and be active.  Then (and probably more important than any of the previous stuff) you must produce relevant, helpful, quality content.

Why don’t you visit my page more often?

I get this question a couple times per month.  The truth of the matter is I try to get to every blogger’s page who follows me.  But even if I could read 100 blogs per day, it would still take me over 3 months to read every page.  This brings me to a tip on engaging with your readers…Each day I visit 50 pages and I select those pages directly from my notifications.  I recommend you use this tactic as well.  After all, it is a good practice to engage deeply with those who are choosing to comment and like your posts. Then engage with those bloggers who you follow in Reader.  If you use these 2 tactics you should be able to cover a lot of ground and do so efficiently.

What can I do if people are not commenting and liking my posts?

There are many reasons why we blog.  Some do so to vent and purge.  Others want to make an impact on the world.  Some people want to display their poetry.  Etc, etc, etc.  But we are all here to have others look at our stuff.  If this were not the case then we could simply keep a journal in a notebook instead of displaying it for the world to see.  If you want people to comment and like your content, then you need to write content worthy of receiving a comment or like.  I think a lot of people miss this simple point: people are under zero obligation to read anything a blogger writes.  They are under zero obligation to engage or care.  The blogger must give people a reason to care; a reason to engage.  You must be unique.  You must be profound. You must be informative.  You must be engaging.  You must be creative.  If you are not one or all of these things then you are…….INVISIBLE.  Getting people to your page is easy. Keeping them coming back is not.  Getting them to engage is nearly impossible in a crowded digital world.


Last, but not least, remember this one point…

…blogging is a verb.  Blogging is all about interaction.  When I first started blogging I thought I would write great content, hit publish and people would flock to my page to read my wonderful views on the world.  The truth is blogging is action.  In order to get comments, you must comment.  In order to get LIKEs, you must first LIKE.  In order to get interaction, you must first interact.  If you sit back and wait, you will spend your whole life waiting.  Get active.


I hope this helps a little.  If you have any questions for me you can always contact me through the contact page here.  Have a great Tuesday!!


51 thoughts on “Danny’s World: A Few Blogging Tips

  1. Nice and informative post, thank you. 🙂

    I’m trying to dedicate one month to posts then another month interacting with others, that way when people like what you say on their blogs and see your Blog, you have content for people to engage with. It’s trying to balance posts with communication and WordPress makes it really easy to do this.

    1. Good content is a must. Some people don’t understand how important content is. They’ll ask me why people aren’t engaging so I’ll visit their page and find that their posts are not interesting.

  2. I think that the most important thing to do is become dedicated, in some way to blogging and have some concept of patience and determination. In other words, if one wishes to make a living from their blog, then one needs to treat their blog like they would a business.

    1. It requires tremendous patience. And you must continue to look for new ways to promote your page. And determination might be the most powerful trait one can have.

  3. Agreed. So how does one become profound, unique and stand out from the rest? Btw, Buzzsumo.com tells you the most searched terms on the web given a time frame. This helps with blog topics.

    1. If you are appealing to the masses then you write opinion pieces based on recent current events. Or you write opinion pieces on controversial topics which are relevant. The biggest thing for me is to strive to add value in some way.

      1. You measure success via increased traffic, more comments, likes, etc. You could also create posts about food in general, but not just recipes. For instance, the value of using a thermometer for gauging meat temperature. Great tips for marinating chicken breasts. Or…very few people use the broiler in their oven so you could do a post on why you should be using your broiler more and tips to success. Things like that are different and add value.

  4. the thing I don’t get is this. I have my therapy bits blog which has over 800 followers, but only a handful like or comment to my posts. I understand some people might be silent readers, but 800? do you find that too? I know you have a lot more followers than I do though. xo

    1. I have the same problem. I have approximately half a million followers, if you were to add up all my followers across all of my social media accounts. I very rarely get comments, though I do get a lot of people clicking the ‘Like’ button on posts.

  5. Great tips as always and I’ll be sharing this on my accounts. I like how you say that no one is under any obligation to follow you. I think that new bloggers believe that. Just because they ask you to follow them doesn’t mean you will.

    1. YES! I have bloggers who follow me and expect me to follow them back. The truth is I rarely follow another blog these days. I have about 200 I follow. They sometimes get upset and email me asking why I haven’t followed them back. It’s amazing.

  6. This was awesome. With the world changing to digital almost everyone is in a hurry and life just doesn’t seem to hold the same quality of interaction. However, blogging allows us to connect like back in the day when we were young. I love how you say like for like, engage for engage. In order to develop any type of real relationship, you have to be committed to it and you must also nurture it. I found your blog by reading a friends blog. Now I have also found you. While I’ve been writing since high school, blogging is new for me. Yes, I’ve been journaling for years now I’m sharing my open thoughts, views and opinions with the world. Thanks for this blog, I am now a happy new follower! XOXOXOXO

  7. What therapeutic dose of reality! I notice similarities with the questions I get asked, as a long-time author. Behind the questions lurks another silent question: “How can I be a big success like you — come on, tell me the secret, the one easy little trick that will change everything! I don’t want to hear about hard work, by the way.” I love them all but often a little sigh escapes.

    1. Ding ding ding, no more calls please we have a winner. Rachel, you have nailed it. I think people believe I am exaggerating when I tell them that at one point I was reading 500+ blogs per days networking. I worked my tail off for over 3 years to grow. Then they want the secret. It wreaks of under-valuing all of my hard work and dedication.

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