Let Me Ask You A Question – 5/23/17


This morning I posted some blogging tips.  Let me ask you a question…

What is the best blogging tip you’ve discovered?   

62 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 5/23/17

  1. Just be yourself. These posts are yours, and should be done as such. Doing this to please others is not gonna end well. You’ll never please everybody. And if you get criticized for a post, simply ignore them and move on. Or tell them to kiss your ass first, then move on. Either way works. 😃

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      • Criticism, and even healthy debate of an opposing opinion, is fine. But over-the-top and insulting, or assuming something based on ignorance, are ones I completely ignore, or tell how I really feel, depending on my mood at the time or severity of their words, and then completely ignore. This is mine. This is the one selfish thing I do for myself, that is solely for me, as an outlet and distraction and simple enjoyment. When someone doesn’t like what I post, that’s fine. But I will not change to please anyone, except myself, when it comes to my site. Don’t like it? Move along, unfollow me, whatever. But don’t be an asshole. That’s not cool.

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      • I get quite a few odd emails. Often I have folk offering me unsolicited advice on how I should run my page. I once had a lady who got mad at me because I explained to her she shouldn’t offer others unsolicited advice. Like I said, I get some really strange emails. Lol.

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      • I believe it. With your high number of followers, that number of wackos increases exponentially. Can you imagine how many Jason gets?!? I’m content being smaller in this realm. 😃

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      • I’m with you, I like it when Jason stirs the pot. When I first started blogging he was one of my first followers. He is returning to his roots in a way and getting back to how he was a couple years ago. It’ll be fun to watch.

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  2. Just have fun with what you want to share..
    And be inviting to your loyal followers.. and fans..
    don’t be selfish and only be about your posts… everyone has something they want to share.. teach .. inform.. acknowledge..
    So return the favor.. and get involved with as much people as you can.. read and placed a comment if necessary…

    Encouragement induces labor.. it also motivates and inspires…

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  3. Share and comment on other people’s posts. In order to get good comments, you must write interesting, thoughtful comments that contribute to the conversation in other posts. And in order to get your work shared by others, you must first share others’ work. But I don’t mean you share and comment just to get something out of it. You must share and comment because you genuinely want to engage with other bloggers. Developing blogging relationships is essential, productive, and fun. So engage, engage, engage!

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  4. I guess I blog with love, and perhaps some of that shines through to my most frequent followers.

    I really enjoy others’ blogs, as well. I know that is appreciated. I have become a better writer by reading other blogs. I don’t feel I copy them in any way, but by reading other blogs I discover more about myself and my potential.

    I still consider myself a new blogger. I’ve only blogged for three months or so. At first I worked hard to find followers. Now I don’t worry as much about that. I’m not trying to reach 1,000 followers. I just want to interact with a good number of great folks, which I already am, and always try to discover a few new each day.

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  5. Best advice: None taken, I’ve never taken advice from anyone, I just write what I want, how I feel, and not let anyone tell any wise.Not to hurt people, and voice my opinion, or tell my story/experiences!

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