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  1. I guess yes. All my media is tied to me. I might use twitter and fb to promote a blog post. But i don’t have them so intimately tied that one can’t follow me without following all the sites. You could follow any one of them and learn about me.


      1. Possibly but I really don’t blog for the readers I blog for me. If the things I write happened to help somebody that’s awesome more or less it helps me.

  2. I use Twitter more than Facebook for my blog. Facebook is usually memes, jokes, etc. I sometimes include blog posts but not like Twitter. I don’t really use IG, LinkedIn, Snapchat for anything.

      1. I have had to deal with more than my fair share of copyright violations with the company over the years. People on Tumblr love to steal my content to the point where I sought the advice of a copyright lawyer. It’s one of those places where copying and pasting obviously copyrighted material is easy, rampant, and generally tolerated.

  3. No… My blogging and social media activity are completely separated.

    At the very beginning of my blogging, I invited a few friends to read me, but they quickly stopped (which was very noticeable back then, having so little readings in my stats). It hurt me, although I understood that they didn’t HAVE to support me…

    After they stopped reading me for good, I found a new freedom to write. I don’t have to wonder what they will think if I talk about this or that, knowing about my everyday life.

    The same way, I wouldn’t be comfortable having “strangers” popping on my Facebook network, because of the Cove. Facebook is for my personal connexion to friends and family.

    Occasionnally, I will invite a close friend to read my blog, or will want to connect with a blogger through Facebook to keep in touch… But they are exceptions. 🙂

      1. Good question. Very good. I was about to say that I didn’t see a reason to do so, since I am not using my blog as an eventual source of income, therefore, I don’t “need” an expanding network…. But (oh you thought provoking man!!) you made me think twice about my mid and long term goals as a blogger, and if I want to write something publishable someday, a well established network will come in handy….


        Back to the drawing table…. lol

      2. Exactly. When I first started I had no plans to make money blogging but then my plans changed. The network is so important for many different reasons.

      3. True… Thanks for the eye opening 😉 I’ll most probably give Facebook a try first (I’m more used to it, Twitter is still some kind of mystery to me, lol) And I’ll let you know how that goes!

      1. I have share buttons at the end of each blog post and my links are on the right-hand side of each page. But I don’t have anything set up to automatically share.

  4. I have my blog connected to my Facebook profile. I have received some great and very unexpected feedback from people I hadn’t spoken to in years. It has been a huge motivator for me to continue blogging, even in times of beginners bloggers block… My god, thats a fantastic title for a post! Beginners bloggers block is over! Thank you so much for posing this question!!!

  5. Yes! I promote my posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. Why? Because it increases engagement, attracts readers, and allows people to follow me any way they choose. I have a Facebook page and a Twitter account set up especially for my blog. However, my blog isn’t connected to social media. Instead, I use a scheduling app (Hootsuite) to send out my social media posts.
    Bloggers should understand that using social media goes beyond simply promoting posts. It’s also another way to engage and meet other people who will want to read or share your work. For example, I get a certain amount of traffic from Facebook, but I get very little traffic from Twitter. Does that mean tweeting is a waste of time? No, because I’ve met several other influencers and bloggers on Twitter and we’ve developed productive relationships. We promote each other’s work, guest blog, and collaborate.
    Another big advantage of being on social media is that I can find new blogs to follow, comment, and share. Social media allows me to grow my blog much more rapidly than if I was just posting here on WordPress. Because the truth is if you build it, they won’t come. You also have toot your horn.

  6. Yes. I have a Flying Through Water Twitter account and Instagram account. I’ve been thinking about facebook but to be honest I didn’t have much luck with my last blog there and I found it very annoying when they combined my blog facebook page with my personal. I liked when the feeds were separate.
    I LOVE Instagram and Twitter is very fun although SO fast that sometimes I lose interest.

    Why do I use them…because it just make sense to me to utilize these places to connect with people. 🙂

      1. When I first started blogging at A Kinder Way I had a blog facebook page and my personal page. The feeds were separate. Then they merged them. So it became very hard to see what was related to your blog and what was not. I know that many bloggers were upset with this and a lot stopped using their facebook blog page. Maybe they have fixed that and returned it back to the way it was?
        As far as I know you have to have a personal page attached to your business (blog) facebook page. It would be great if you didn’t because then there would be no risk of merging.

      2. I don’t know what happened to some of us Danny. It was a mess. It was so hard to keep up with comments for your blog because they were all intertwined with your personal stuff. There were several of us that just stopped using it. And conversations in help groups to try to fix it. It was a total bummer. I’ll have to look into trying it again and see if the problem is resolved. Maybe I will have your experience this time! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. Yeah, I am good on the front but what in the world do I do with a Facebook page after that? Plus, I am clueless about Goggle+ but I think that is more of a learning curve I need to navigate.

  7. Yes I do. I have a Facebook page for my blog and once I post on the page, I share to my personal page. I also post to twitter and pinterest. I do it for more exposure and engagement.

  8. I do share my blog on facebook with my “friends and family” and what I have found MOST interesting in the last 2 years of my blog is that the friends I have made in the world of blogging have been far more supportive, loving, compassionate, understanding, and helpful, than the people that are ACTUALLY around me. I keep sharing my blog on facebook. Those closest to me find the truth of my life harder to accept. But it does not keep me from sharing it or speaking it. They can always scroll right past. But oh how I appreciate wordpress and the love, truly

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    I do. I have nearly 1,000 Twitter followers, but rarely post directly to this platform. WordPress is very good at allowing me to use multiple social media platforms through its Share functionality. Because I hope to sell books, it’s pretty much mandatory that I use social media.

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