Danny’s World: No One Is Obligated To Like Your Page

One of the toughest things for bloggers to accept is the fact that no one is obligated to like your page.  This is tough because most bloggers believe they produce good stuff.  Most bloggers want people to interact with their page.  Most bloggers desire comments, views and LIKEs.   When all is said and done people have a lot of options: television, books, other blogs, Netflix, Yahoo, etc.  In today’s age there are a lot of distractions and even more options.

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I have always said getting people to my page is the easy part; getting them to return to my page is the true challenge.  With that said I still understand people do not have to read my page, therefore I must give them a reason to want to return.  I have to add value to the lives of my readers.  The same applies to all bloggers.

Most visitors to my page are silent readers which means they might give me a LIKE, but probably will not leave a comment.  I am perfectly fine with this fact as I myself practice being a silent reader.  I will comment on a page if I feel prompted to do so which happens infrequently.

The biggest key to getting someone to comment is to be “remarkable”; your post must be worthy of someone making a remark.  If the post is not worthy of a remark,  people will not remark.  This pattern is evident in the volume of views I receive daily compared to the number of comments daily.   I’m not exactly sure what the trick is to producing remarkable content, although I am able to recognize it when I see it.  I guess it has to do with the topic, bold opinions or maybe the article is well-researched.  Whatever the case I know the post cannot be ordinary.

What are your thoughts?


35 thoughts on “Danny’s World: No One Is Obligated To Like Your Page

  1. I think it’s the posts that make people think and posts that people connect to and say “Oh yeah, I know exactly what you’re talking about” that make it remarkable. It also works the other way around… if it makes people angry because of an outspoken opinion that others generally disagree with (think Trump supporter) can get others to interact, too.

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  2. Im both a silent and interactive reader. I am a firm believer in “liking” someones post. We blog because we want our words read. So I want someone I follow to know I have seen and heard them. I dont always comment, unless the post Im reading specifically asks for engagement or its clear they can use support, or I have more time to engage with blogs I follow. Im purposeful about what I post and I really appreciate it when people read my posts silently or otherwise. I contribute a lot of articles to the Huff Post and The Mighty and I never know who reads my words (besides an editor) So response with my blog is so important to me. It keeps me writing. WOW…long-winded comment! 😁

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  3. Honestly, I have no idea what makes people like or comment, or neither. I can make a post that I’m sure will create some interest, but get 10 likes and no comments. Conversely, I can post one I think is just ordinary, then get 40 or 50 likes and a bunch of comments. It’s very random. It seems I have a core group that I interact with regularly, on their posts and mine. It’s rare to get much interaction outside that core group. That works for me. I never had a desire to be huge. But for those who want 1000’s of followers, I don’t know what to tell them. Better be a good blogger, or that likely won’t happen, and even it does, they’re likely to get a core group themselves, not 1000’s. Just the nature of the beast I think.

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  4. I would like to comment more, but for me, Danny, it’s about energy even more than time. I read as much as possible, but am often a silent reader, I press like, I often share. I usually comment if I have something to add or have the energy to add it. Ironically I’m often behind on my own comments on my blog, for the same reasons.
    I hope this day is treating you kindly.

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  5. I think it’s an honor if someone decides to comment on your post. I spend at least half an hour every day reading blog posts, although I only comment on one or two. But that’s not bad. Not all posts will ring with all your readers, and that’s okay.
    On the other hand, according to Jon Morrow, there really is a recipe for crafting a remarkable and insanely popular blog post. Of course, that doesn’t mean if you just follow the recipe you’re going to automatically get a million views. There might be a recipe, but you won’t get it right if you’re just an amateur cook instead of a chef. Blogging (or writing) is a craft which needs to be mastered. You can’t just write a remarkable post by chance.

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  6. I haven’t posted since February as I was volunteering with United Way. Right now I am trying to get started again. I have tried to keep up with some blogs but I know I am behind in just reading and liking and commenting now and then. One never knows what will appeal to a reader. Sometimes I like an ordinary post. I always appreciate any like or comment I get!

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  7. As yet another silent reader, I’ve noticed that people (including myself) are most inclined to comment when something in a post really jumps out at them in a way that evokes an emotional response (ie: a funny line that results in an uncontrollable fit of laughter, a poignant story that brings to mind a reader’s own cherished memory, etc). πŸ™‚

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  8. I simply cannot follow every single blog I stumble upon. It’s just not humanly possible. So with that said, I will follow a blog *only if* it contains a series of posts which fit my interests. However, should the blog become dormant, or worse, filled instead with posts that I’m no longer interested in, I will unfortunately have to unfollow it.

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  9. i try to interact with other wordpress bloggers as much as i can. i like interacting with bloggers, and always answer comments i get on my blog. i like a lot, read a lot, am both a silent reader and one who comments but i will comment if i relate to a post or if something in it jumps out at me. have a great day!

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  10. I find that I write a more thorough comment if the post triggers thoughts. Sometimes though, I’m lost of words too and then it’s hard because I want to let the blogger know how fantastic I found the post… I agree, a post needs to make you want to leave a comment. I like the idea of commenting in order to connect but you reach the point where it gets really hard and you have to sort of choose which blog you spend more time with.

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