i went for a walk

take a walk

There’s nothing like it. I could try to write this description over and over again, and never come close to the moxie that births in my soul when I am surrounded by God’s work. The trees engulf me as a part of their build, and my feet are spoiled with the welcoming of the grass, weeds, and dirt that make up this earth. It’s a high that trumps any unworthy form of remedy, and can demolish the desire for one completely.

As I fall into the airs’ bliss, like a pillow waiting to swarm my throbbing head, I open my heart to the Lords voice and choose to let Him walk beside me.

Yesterday, as I took on a new trail inside a beloved park, I realized something I’ve been waiting to hear for quite some time now.

Romans 8: 38-39 For I am sure that neither death nor life…

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