Danny’s World: Safety, Release and Escape

Have you ever wondered why so many people blog?  I ponder the world of blogging daily as I answer emails and comments and the online world intrigues me.  Why do we participate in this activity.  What is it about publishing posts and interacting with others virtually that is so appealing?

Danny's iphone 022As I sat this morning staring at the ocean and drinking my coffee I can’t help but wonder if it is some combination of safety, release and escape.

By safety I am referencing how difficult it is these days to truly know you can trust people in the real world.  I could be wrong, but in this age it is becoming increasingly more difficult to know if people can be trusted.

By release I mean having the freedom to purge the soul with complete freedom; free of the chains of reservation.

And, lastly, by escape I am referring to getting away from the “real” world and entering the virtual world of blogging.  The blogosphere seems to be much more accepting of different, flawed, wounded, injured, etc. than the offline world.

Personally, I like having the freedom to purge my brain and controlling exactly what I say exactly how I want to say it.  I don’t get this freedom in the real world where I constantly think before I speak, hesitate and hedge my thoughts.

For me blogging is freedom to vent and purge.


18 thoughts on “Danny’s World: Safety, Release and Escape

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  2. I started blogging because my former daughter-in-law wanted to do it with me. But the joint venture didn’t last. She’s so busy with three kids that it became almost all me. So I started my own blog. Originally I had different reasons for the blog than I do now. I still cling to the dream but I’ve found a lot of joy in writing about cooking, baking, gardening, etc.And I’ve become better at all of them because of the blog.

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  3. People write to make sense of their lives. I heard that once from a local poet and it has stuck with me for many years. In my case, that sentence is spot on, as my English friends say. People write to make sense of their lives. Writing about something that troubles me always helps me get my head around a complex problem.

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  4. I agree. It is the freedom to say what you want to say. Uninterrupted. Because if you do so in a conversation someone will eventually make a remark and maybe stop the entire flow of thoughts. It’s what I really appreciate. To share in one go and then exchange thoughts about it with people all over this planet. Hear their opinion, their side to it.

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