IB Banquet

Who's My Favorite Today?

Yep. This just happened. It’s getting real now.

Avery had her IB Banquet last Friday. There are only 9 kids who are completing the program out of a school that is about 1300 students. The school did a nice catered meal and program to honor these students. Teachers spoke about each student and their strengths. It was amazing!  It was evident how well the teachers knew the students. What a great feeling as a mom to know that teachers know my child so well and have mentored her for several years now. I know many think public education has many flaws, but this is an example of the best it has to offer. These teachers have pushed Avery to do things she never thought she could do. They have pulled her along when she started to slack off – like all teenagers do from time to time. They have nurtured…

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