Let Me Ask You A Question – 5/27/17


Take a few moments and dig deep for the answer; don’t just spout out an answer.  Let me ask you a question…

Why do you blog?  Down deep in your soul, what is the true reason you blog?

49 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 5/27/17

  1. I blog because I write. I cannot not write. It is my air, what I need to sustain life. Sharing my words with readers/followers/friends/family means a great deal to me. It is my way of giving them pieces of me in this crazy, mixed-up world.

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  2. I blog to hopefully inspire someone in the pit of despair. We learn in recovery, that we can’t keep it unless we give it away. I write to instill hope in others that there is a better life waiting of they are willing to do the work.

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      • Not so much gain more followers but I do love when that happens. Blogging allows me to share with people outside of my circle who may need to hear something encouraging. I’m not the greatest verbal communicator. It’s easier to express myself through writing.

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      • Why blogging? Because of the potential to reach a larger number of people without having to actually travel to a physical location. There may be limitations on the ability to travel from place to place, but modern technology has linked us with some of the most remote places in the world. The majority of our current population has some form of smart device and are always on the go. So it allows me to bring my message to them and leaves the potential audience with an opportunity to connect with me and my message.

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      • I’m going to continue to dig deeper here to try to illustrate my point. I see being able to reach more people as a benefit. I also see delivering your message easier as a benefit. What is it about blogging that captured your heart to say “Hey I’m going to become a blogger.” For instance, with me I was able to purge out a lot of stuff from my mind similar to therapy. Blogging for me began as a way to express myself in a way that forced me to be more honest than I had ever been and the obsession with blogging grew from that honesty. From that I realized I might be able to help people. Do you see my point now? So, why blogging for Sean?

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      • I am a Bible student by nature. I love to study it. The reason for writing is to share what I have learned through my studies and experiences with the hopes of being able to lead others to having the same opportunity to grow in faith as I have.

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      • Now we’re getting somewhere…it’s a spiritual experience for you; a continuation of expressing your journey? And if someone relates to your journey then you are able to have some type of impact on their life.

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      • It’s a complicated subject matter and I do participate in support groups (online and in person) to offer help and support. Because of the wide and varying range of issues that come up with the particular subject matter, a blog allows for putting it all out there and letting the reader use it according to what is relevant to him/herself personally and on his/her own time. I suppose it’s a matter of convenience.

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  3. Getting started was sort of an accident. I followed a blogger’s link to her blog post from Face Book. When I commented, Word Press popped up with its invitation to start one. I figured, “What the heck, why not?” I found I had stories to tell and a place to tell them. Then I found more blogs to follow. It turned into a community. So, here we are.

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  4. In my particular place, the people I follow, and the photo challenges a lot of them post, keep me photo hunting. They inspire me to look for new photo ops, and force me to see things from a specific, and often foreign, perspective. But, after making a short answer long, I enjoy it.

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  5. Great question!!! To be honest, I started my blog for exposure, to get my name out there as a writer (selfish, I know) then it kind of swirled and grew into this crazy obssesion! Everyday, I feel attached to other blogs I follow. It’s like a rare virtual friendship, and companionship, with so many like minds who I never even knew existed.. I’ve learned so much and absolutly love supporting fellow Indi’s!!. I also became addicted to sharpening my writing skills! Daily posts have made such an improvement in so many ways! Not only have my posts forced me to think, but it’s also taught me about how sharing tips and uplifting content can be fullfilling! Geez, what a ramble. But in all fairness, you asked right? Lol. Thanks for the reflection, as always your questions are top shelf! 😍

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  6. To make a long story short (*snort*), I started the Cove to give my family and friends a break from my Denmark obsession. I found a long lost love back, writing. The daily posting also helped me improve my English, and I made friends and got involved with many bloggers (some would consider it stalking, but that’s really just their point of view :P)… But overall, until lately, it was really just a hobby.

    Not long ago, the fact that I had reached my 1000th post, and almost had 650 readers, I sat back and wondered what I wanted to do with the Cove…. And to be perfectly honest, I don’t know yet. So for now, I really just wish to entertain, interact with others, and enjoy the ride… Hopefully, I’ll be going somewhere cool! 😉

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      • I like to write and it was a venue I was familiar with. I worked in a credit union and helped with their blog for about a year. When I left the credit union to start work on my masters degree, I missed writing on a blog, so I started my own. I wanted to share what I was learning in school with others. And I’ve always loved quotes, inspiring music and videos, so it seemed natural to add that into my blog as well. After all stress is physically harmful to the body. If my inspiring messages can help lessen someone’s stress even a little,

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  7. Honestly, I started my blog because I read a book on marketing books and it told me I needed one. Once I started interacting with other bloggers, however, my motivation changed. It’s a great community that I enjoy interacting with and I feel guilty if I fall behind on my posting and reading schedule. For someone who is socially awkward, as I am, blogging gives me a great way to interact with others without having to be physically present. My online and in-person personalities are much different.

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  8. This is such a good question. Although I am super late replying! Well, I blog because this feels like a place I can put down my thoughts about anything that I feel comfortable with. A place where I feel liberated. This for me is a good way to express myself..


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