Danny’s World: I Am A Thinker…Which Isn’t Always a Good Thing

Danny's iphone 022What I consider to be my greatest strength is also my Achilles heel; I am a thinker.  Or maybe it is better worded to say I am an over-thinker.  I process the happenings in my life to a point of dissection that annoys my wife and eventually annoys myself.  I cannot shut it off nor have I found a way to stop the snowball effect that over-thinking creates.

It plays well at work because contemplation allows me to uncover the smallest of details, which impresses the client (most of the time).  But sometimes I get paralysis via analysis in other parts of life.  If someone says something to me I can’t help but wonder if there is/was some ulterior motive or double meaning.  “What did they mean by that?” is a common question in my mind.  And that begins the vicious cycle of over-thinking.

My mind is geared toward contemplation, but sometimes I wish I could just shut it down.

33 thoughts on “Danny’s World: I Am A Thinker…Which Isn’t Always a Good Thing

  1. It’s why it’s always a treat to come to your blog. One is bound to learn something new or have pause for thought coming here, and (as someone who posts cat blogs…) it’s a nice change and a challenge. Keep on thinking, Danny! It’s not a curse, even if you can’t turn it off!

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      • While I joined during the Vietnam War, after basic training and training to be a motion picture photographer I managed to have a safe and enjoyable two-and-a-half years stationed in Germany. I got to travel a lot within Germany and to other European countries. While I gave three years of active duty to the country, I don’t feel a need to be thanked for it. Those who truly deserve our thanks are those who served (by their free will or because they were drafted) in the war. Today, we should honor those who died or suffered the wounds of body and/or mind that plagued them after they came home and oftentimes to this day. Further, we should honor those who died and suffered in other wars. Memorial Day is more than sales and barbeques, and I personally never patronize those businesses during those sales or pretend the holiday is to begin the pleasures of summer. That makes me sad for the sacrifices of those lost to war.

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  2. I am with you on this one… I can’t get out of my own head quite often. I started my 365 daily blog to give myself 30 minutes a day to post all the stuff in my head that morning about life and different traits and characteristics… been helping a little.

    Happy Memorial Day! And thank you.

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  3. My husband does that too. Sometimes it’s great, because he anticipates problems and he’s looking at the bigger picture. Always. It’s a good thing most of the time, because I’m not like that. I’m more narrow focused. But I have to say, my husbands constant questioning and over thinking is also annoying! He admits he’s an over thinker and sometimes wishes he wasn’t. It can cause unnecessary work and worry. So I totally get what you’re talking about, it’s a blessing and a curse.

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  4. My husband is the same. He over thinks everything, and while this can have its advantages, it can also leave you chasing your tail. I always remind him that we all have the power to control our thoughts, but this power needs to be trained and strengthened​.

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