61 thoughts on “Let Me Ask You A Question – 5/29/17

  1. My best guess, without taking a survey of family, friends, and former lovers (which I am NOT going to do), it is probably over-thinking instead of just making the decision and getting on with it. It occurs to me that that may be a form of procrastination.

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    • Okay, I guess my biggest flaw, which very few people know about (a lot more will know it now), is that I tend to judge people by their level of intelligence.

      It all began back in the later part of fourth grade when I was given the opportunity to test-out and get my high school diploma early. My parents said no, for reasons I will perhaps never know. By age 18, my IQ was already in the 130’s range; I have no idea what it is now, but it doesn’t really matter to me at this point.

      The thing is that due to my high IQ, I have had a lot of amazing opportunities literally dropped into my hands over the years. I tend to judge others, whom I believe to be less intelligent than I a,m, almost as if, in some way, I am superior. At times these thoughts commandeer a lot of my thoughts.

      It’s sad, really. Having a high IQ is both a blessing, and in my case, a curse.

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      • Awww.. I was a bit premature with my earlier comment.. I should have scroll down some..

        I have a son that’s like that..

        He is so smart.. and he kinda can’t understand why others can’t seem to see things in the same way he does..

        Hey.. it’s all good..
        you know your weaknesses so you can control your attitude sometimes..

        I had to teach my son that..
        It’s great to be that smart.. but not everyone is blessed with that intellectual level…

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  2. My glaring weakness..

    I’m overly presumptuous …

    And much too kind.. and thinking 💭 everyone should give as much as they get..

    3. Don’t speak up … hold back too much.. trying to spare feelings.. and taking too much sh***t.. until I explode in a bad way..

    Which is out of my true character..,

    I m a work in progress…..


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