Chronic Illness – “Will It Go Round In Circles?”

Being Lydia!


Daily Prompt – Detonate

I have always been open about the fact that my chronic illness is a mixture of physical and mental conditions. And very often they go hand in hand.

For instance, with all the stress of selling our old home, buying the new one, getting financing, packing to move and abdominal surgery on top of it all, I became very depressed. At one point between selling and buying, I broke into sobbing tears and asked, no begged, my husband to call it all off. I wanted to stay where we were. I wanted it all to stop.

Of course, this was an impossibility because we had signed papers saying we agreed to sell to the new owner. And really the main reason for moving was to be closer to our family because I felt so isolated where we were. Not to mention the mold and other toxins that…

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