Why It Is Important To Plan Your Disconnect Time

Danny's iphone 022This weekend Evelina and I decided to unplug and disconnect a bit.  She was on-call yesterday for work, but other than that slight inconvenience we decided to have some planned time away.  For me this was perfectly timed as I needed time to recharge following our vacation.  I know that might sound a bit ridiculous considering we returned from vacation on Tuesday, but the truth is the driving time zapped my energy.

I believe it is important to plan time away from technology.  It is important to plan time to decompress and do absolutely nothing.  Remember, life isn’t about working the hardest all the time; it’s about working the smartest all the time.  And sometimes the smart thing to do is…nothing!

26 thoughts on “Why It Is Important To Plan Your Disconnect Time

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  2. Glad you guys got a bit of a break! I will be taking one later this month … much needed, for my writing, trying to keep up with the U.S. political scene these days, has had some consequences for my mental and physical health. Looking forward to 4 whole days with my guys, and away from any news about Trump!!! 🙂

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  3. If I have an outing planned (an appointment, meeting a friend, shopping, going to an event), I must factor disconnect time. This is not only time from computers, work, etc, it is time to rest or even just relax away from everything and everyone (except my animals and Hubby of course). The length of time needed is dependent on the amount of energy used up!

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