one week to go

Therapy Bits

one week until i see eileen again. i cant wait. it seems so long since I’ve seen her.
really I know its only been 2 weeks, but it seems longer. I think partly thats because I never saw dr. Barry last week either due to my damn ptsd flaring up.
At least this coming week I will have a phone check in with Eileen on Thursday. I think she’s already back from her holiday. I’m tempted to text her but I probably wont. But I’m really tempted to just to ask her if she’s ok and safe, to put my mind at ease.
I might just email her instead. It seems less intrusive. i dont want to bother her while she might be still on holiday.
I’m proud of myself and of us as a system for getting through these past two weeks. It wasnt easy. But we did it…

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