Life Update: Symptoms, Work, Home

Tripping Through Treacle

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post… I seem to have lost a bit of my blogging ‘mojo’, so to speak.  This is ironic, as I have a bit more time at the moment to blog due to being medically signed off work (as my Multiple Sclerosis symptoms are making it a struggle).  I’ve been dealing for some time now with high levels of fatigue and mobility difficulties (it is exhausting constantly feeling like you have a drag a heavy lump around, when it is actually just your leg).  Somewhat unsurprisingly I guess, being off work has not lessened my MS symptoms… it has just meant that I am able to adjust my lifestyle and plan my days more to accommodate them.  For me, this means taking a daily nap  – I can guarantee that this will make me feel somewhat better and more awake for…

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