Danny’s World: I Am Not a Bottom-Feeder

This last couple of weeks have been good for me on several levels.  Vacation gave me some time to rest and evaluate where I am in relation to my goals.  I was also able to evaluate my effort level.  I had fallen in a bit of a rut and I needed a little kick in the seat to get inspired.  I’m not saying I had become lazy because I work diligently.  Danny's iphone 022

The truth is my effort was not at the level required to get me to my goals; and I have huge goals.  I have set my sights on being one of the top sales professionals in my company and my efforts were not reflecting “top of the list” effort.  So from here on out that changes.

I believe that people underestimate themselves and I see it every day in people’s work ethic.  Most people demonstrate a “good enough” attitude and effort.  That is why there are so few at the top and so many closer to the bottom.

I am not a bottom-feeder.


12 thoughts on “Danny’s World: I Am Not a Bottom-Feeder

  1. I don’t think anyone thinks of themselves as a bottom feeder, or are aware that their thinking (or lack of thinking) is a reflection of that. A nose to the grindstone mentality, maybe? Those with goals in sight seem more aware of the effort required. Congratulations on reevaluating and resetting your thinking!

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    • I can disagree with you with one specific example. I worked with a guy a few years back who acknowledged he was an average to below-average worker. His goal was to be a little better than the worker at the very bottom. Some people may not vocalize it, but down deep inside they know they don’t give their best effort.

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