You’re Crying at What?

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Two nights ago, I had to work late.  When I got home, I went around the house to see the girls and find out how their days were.  When I found Brooke (our 15 yr. old), she was in her room.  As I walked into her room, she was sitting on her bed crying.  I don’t mean just a small tear running down your face crying – she was CRYING.  Mascara was all underneath her eyes and running down her cheeks.  Her face was visibly wet with tears.

Our exchange went a little something like this:

Me: Hey baby…are you crying?

She nods her head yes.

Me:  Oh no!  Honey why are you crying?  Are you okay?……(then I see that she is watching something on her phone)  Are you watching something sad on Netflix?

Brooke:  Yes (sniff, cry, sniff, cry)

Me:  What is it?  Are you watching a…

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